Just like “Great Power comes with Great Responsibility” Same way massive land development comes with massive carbon footprint. UAE is one of the fastest growing country in the world in terms of developing the desert into high rise buildings, landscaping, amusement parks, industries and many others. Being MEP Contractor we have great responsibility of promoting “Green Building” in the region, which is very much on track for all our existing and upcoming projects.

The importance of sustainability is increasing in the region and MBM is working and committed to achieve and safe guard our environment. Though, there is no one definition of sustainability but it is generally regarded as living within the means of our environment, without harming the ozone layer for our future generations. We at MBM are making sure to use product with less CO2 in order to protect the ozone layer.

The Government of the UAE, both at a federal and Emirate level, is the key driver of sustainability in the UAE. The UAE is intending to become “sustainable” from a social, environmental and economic perspective and these perspectives all overlap and impact the other. MBM is aware of all government laws for environment and comply all the act in order to achieve the common goal which is a sustainable environment for our future generation.

It is key for the UAE to ensure the sustainable use of its resources (such as water and agricultural land), to diversify its economy (such as moving away from reliance on oil) and protect the quality of life of its inhabitants.

This has included making sustainable development one of the key goals of UAE Vision 2021, the introduction of new green building legislation and new sustainable policies.

Going forward, it is expected that concepts of sustainability will be an important part of the Government’s strategies and its interactions with the private sector. Federal Law 24 of 1999 sets out the current legal basis for environmental protection and conservation in the UAE, which is closely followed by MBM Gulf in order to make sure that we are contributing to government towards one common goal, which is to “Stable:” the UAE in near future.

UAE has also recently made it mandatory to be “green” when constructing new buildings. Being NAY (Sister Concern of MBM Gulf) worked on Abu Dhabi International Airport (MTB) which is one of the first green building concept in UAE, gives us expertise and insight knowledge on “Green Building”.